Dark Paradise


Guess it’s full-on spook mode for Darshana.

Things are starting to cool down and sporting darker colors is pretty much expected of you. My inner goth will never disappear, it always resurfaces any time I see anything black, lacy, leathery, and covered in skulls. I just can’t help myself.

I took a trip down to an old cemetery in my hometown, one that I’ve always kind of been to scared to visit.




The trip ended up being a really calming experience. The rain from the previous days left the greenery looking lush, and the silence of the country was so peaceful and serene. It was also interesting to see how long this cemetery really has been around, there were tombstones there since the 1800s!



I was so excited to come across this dress. I’ve been so into maxis lately and I feel with the right fit, a maxi dress accentuates curves in all the right ways. The sunglasses were also a great find, I’ve seen so many girls sporting shades like this at all the music festivals this summer.


The skull dress, cameo earrings and cut-out sunglasses are from Oasap, shoes are from Payless.


See you around my darlings

β™‘ Darshana

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