Universal Standard


I’m super excited to be wearing these pieces from the one and only Universal Standard.  I’ve heard so many great things from friends and fellow bloggers about this brand, & have seen so many fab lookbooks, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to review some of their highly coveted clothing! This brand has been around since 2015 & caters high end & stylish clothing to sizes 10 – 28. I for one am super excited to be able to shop trendy, well-tailored and high quality clothing that I can actually fit into, as opposed to a lot of major brands that alienate customers above a size 10 or provide lackluster options for their plus size clientele.


I chose the Marano Wrap Top in black, & their staple Sillaro Leatherette Pencil Skirt. I’m a huge sucker for ribbons & bows so the big ties on the wrap top make me feel like an actual present, I’m obsessed! It’s a really nice medium weight fabric, it doesn’t feel too thin & I can see myself wearing this with jeans or leggings. It makes me feel like a sexy version of the Nightman!



This leatherette skirt is probably my favorite new skirt, don’t be surprised if you see me wearing this every day, no shame. It’s the thickest, warmest material ever, that just hugs your curves in the best possible way. The inside feels extremely soft almost like suede, but the skirt is totally vegan. The material is also super stretchy, I know this is going to come a long way with me. The quality is so impeccable, I can’t believe how well made both these pieces are, they are well worth the price in my opinion.


Lace-up black flats are from the brand MIA

❤ Darshana

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